Join Volunteers

Volunteering your time or resources can become one of the most valuable ways in which you can get involved with the Harvard community in Russia. Whether you are a Harvard Club of Russia member or a person who wants to commit oneself to the important work of helping us to do good, each person's contribution is what makes our community stronger and more valuable to Russian society.

Nabi Abdullaev, HKS 2004

Maya Melnikas, BA '87; JD '90

Iosif Bakaleynik, HBS 1999

Alexander Lupachev, HBS 2004

Vladimir Stolyarenko, HLS 2002

Sergei Arkhipov, HKS, MPA 2010

Mark Schmitt, HKS, MPA 2001

Alexey Ivanov, HLS, LL.M 2011

Maria Gaidar, HKS, MPA 2012

Ayuna Badmaeva, HBS, GMP 2012

Richard Breffny Morgan, BA, Harvard University

Katya Rudelson, HBS, MBA 1990