Become A Member


Want to stay in touch with your fellow alumni, be aware of all the activities within one of the most influential alumni clubs? Take advantage of your Harvard graduate status and join Harvard Club of Russia.

Our membership policy remains unchanged for a long time notwithstanding rising inflation and economic downturns. We charge a modest membership fee of 5.000 RUR per year to support our events, web site and paid staff. 

The membership fee allows you to attend intellectualy stimulating events with top recognized personalities and network with local and world fellow alumni, to join the largest alumni community in Russia and CIS. The dues may be paid in cash at the events, with your credit card on the web site or via bank transfer.

As a paid HCR member, you will get access to the following benefits:

  1. Priority access to events with limited capacity (keynote speakers, balls, etc.)
  2. Special notices and access to members-only events
  3. A credit card-sized membership card with the unique serial number
  4. Networking opportunities
  5. The satisfaction of knowing that you've made your contribution to support the Harvard presence in Russia, our social and entertainment activities

Who can join the Club


Alumni and employees at any Harvard University school by the definition of Harvard Alumni Association.

Associate Members

  • Participants to short-term programs at any Harvard University school by definition of Harvard Association of Alumni.
  • Parents of Harvard College students

Honorary Members

Alumni, who demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in public service and dedication to Harvard values through:

  • Sponsorship (requires Board approval)
  • Volunteering (requires Board approval)
  • Serving as Club’s management team, President and Board  

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