I Am a Harvard Alum or Student. How Do I Log In to the Club Website?

For membership or event registration, or to check your profile, start by signing in to the website on the home page. If you have a post.harvard login (alums, current students), then sign in at the red button.

Note: this is not the same as using a “post.harvard.edu” email address. You do not need to use a post.harvard.edu email as your preferred contact email

What If I Am Eligible for a post.harvard Login But Do Not Have One?

If you have not created a post.harvard login, go to https://post.harvard.edu/olc/pub/HAA/register/register.cgi

You will need to know your 10 digit Harvard ID number to validate your identity and create your login. If you do not know this, you can find it in the footer of emails that are sent to you by HAA (such as monthly HAA Events emails).

If you cannot locate your Harvard ID number, you will need to contact the HAA Help Desk, as the Club cannot provide you with this information. You can contact the Help Desk at any time by completing the form at: https://post.harvard.edu/olc/pub/HAA/Help/help.html?app=Registration

OR by emailing haa_alumnihelp@harvard.edu

OR by calling 800-823-2478 or 617-496-0559 (M-F, 9AM - 5PM ET)

What If I Created a post.harvard Login At One Time But Do Not Remember It?

The Harvard Club does not have information on post.harvard logins, and you will need to

contact HAA. You can retrieve your information by filling out the form at: https://post.harvard.edu/olc/pub/HAA/forgot/forgot.cgi.

OR, you can contact the HAA Help Desk.