On 13 February 2016 Alexander Nadmitov, the President of Harvard Club of Russia, spoke at the first global meeting of Saint Petersburg  University graduates (Reunion-2016), which was held on the campus of the Higher school of management. The event was organized by the Association of graduates of the Saint Petersburg University.

Alexander Nadmitov made a presentation at the session "University and Alumni. Interaction between University and graduates: a two-way road". Panelists were  N.Dementiev  Saint Petersburg University Vice-rector, D.Yalov, Vice-Governor of Leningrad region, A. Gabitov, Head of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Leningrad region, A. Kutuzov, President of the Business club of MIPT, A.Yakunin, President of the Association of Saint Petersburg  University graduates, the discussion was moderated by M. Dmitriev, a partner at McKinsey & Co. The President of Harvard club of Russia shared a wide experience of interaction between alumni and university, which have been accumulated over eight years of active involvement in the activities of Harvard club of Russia, and Oxford University Society of Russia