Champagne Evening with Boris Titov

We welcome you to our meeting with the Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights, Boris Titov, to discuss the recent report of the Stolypin Club on economic growth, the sponsors of which together with Titov include the former Deputy Minister of Economic Development Andrei Klepach and Advisor to the President Sergei Glazyev.  
The discussion will be accompanied by exquisite champagne from the legendary Abrau Durso winery owned by Boris Titov and the Crimean Novy Svet winery, best known for it's sparkling wines. Come kick off the final month of 2015 with a fine toast and insightful discussion, next Monday evening. We await your RSVP.
When: Monday, November 30, 7:30 PM 
Where: Cabinet Lounge, 6 Novaya Ploschad' 
Participation: HCR Member* + 1 Partner