Welcome to the Harvard Class of Forever

Join the Harvard Club of Russia HAA1x Discussion Group!

This in-person discussion group will accompany and enrich the HarvardX and the Harvard Alumni Association’s (HAA) online HAA1x: HarvardX for Alumni course, an experimental HarvardX primer exclusively for Harvard alumni.

HAA1x is designed to give us, as alumni, a taste of curated HarvardX online content, including faculty conversations featuring seven HarvardX courses over 14 weeks.


·       Neuroscience, with David Cox (includes a conversation with President Drew Gilpin Faust and Vice Provost Peter Bol) - Online class launches on March 22

·       Poetry in America, with Elisa New - Online class launches on April 4

·       Einstein Revolution, with Peter Galison - Online class launches on April 19

·       The Ancient Greek Hero, with Gregory Nagy - Online class launches on May 3

·       ChinaX, with Peter Bol and William Kirby - Online class launches on May 17

·       Tangible Things, with Laurel Ulrich - Online class launches on May 31 

·       Computer Science, with David Malan - Online class launches on June 14

We will have an opportunity to experience innovative approaches to education developed by HarvardX, exploring a wide range of topics, from neuroscience to poetry and Einstein to religion, all with celebrated faculty. Our time together will provide an amazing opportunity to discuss, question, and collaborate – like being back at Harvard!

To find out more, and to sign up, please click here.

Best wishes,

Ayuna Badmaeva

Director for Special Projects, HBS Liaison at Harvard Club of Russia


P.S. While you register with us for the HAA1x Discussion Group, you will also need to register for HAA1x here in order to be able to view classes, receive updates about each course, and view/participate in the online discussion forum.